Are your seasonal allergies flaring up? If not, they likely will be soon! The pollen count is on the rise as ragweed season approaches! 

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If you have tickles in your nose, clogged your sinuses, headaches and itchy eyes -- You are likely one of 3 million people suffering from seasonal allergies! An allergy is a reaction of your immune system to something that, for most people, is essentially harmless. However, it can be dangerous: in some people, allergies can trigger asthma attacks. For most seasonal allergy sufferers, the diagnosis is hay fever (or allergic rhinitis). 


  • Tree pollen strikes in the spring
  • Grass pollen in the summer
  • Weed pollen in the summer and fall. 

We are about to enter the (rag)weed season, which starts almost like clockwork every summer on August 15th. That's because of the sun angle this time of year and it shines right on the plant in the afternoon. The season lasts for about 6 weeks and peaks around the beginning of September. Ragweed is your worst enemy if you have allergies. Ragweed likely causes more hay fever than all other plants put together. A single ragweed plant can produce A BILLION pollen grains. Those grains contain a protein that excels in annoying the human immune system. 

Good, bad, and ugly plants

When you look at the pollen counts over the next few days, you will see it will be increasing this weekend. There are only isolated/scattered storm chances and rain helps wash pollen away. Nettle (a weed) and grasses are the main culprits in Kentuckiana right now. As we head toward the middle of August, the overall trend will continue to go up with slight variations due to weather changes.