LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Former University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino has been forced to put his hoops career on hold as he works through various legal pursuits in the wake of his dismissal from U of L.

But he continues to have success on the race track. Pitino owns several horses, and on Thursday at Del Mar, one of his fillies rolled to victory in a turf race at the San Diego track. The event likely would've gotten no notice, if not for the filly's name: Party Dancer.

U of L, of course, had to vacate 123 wins plus a national championship and a trip to the Final Four over a director of basketball operations paying for strippers and prostitutes to perform for recruits and players at parties in the men's basketball dorm.

That Pitino would own a filly named Party Dancer, then, is, well, bizarre.

Pitino owns the filly through his racing stable, RAP Racing. It was named before it came to Pitino and likely was purchased on his stable's behalf. Still, national media soon were noting the oddity.

For ESPN.com, Myron Medcalff wrote a short story. That story was also shared by ESPN's parent company, ABC News.

Not sure what look Pitino was going for here or whether it's just a horse racing coincidence. But hey, things are never dull with the Hall of Fame coach.

One more note: A day ago, a Google search for "Rick Pitino" and "dancer" yielded a page full of scandal stories. Today, it's about the coach winning a horse race.

He might just know what he's doing.

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