CHARLESTOWN, Ind. (WDRB) -- Residents rely on this service every single week: curbside pick up like clock work. On this edition of 'Gina on the Job,' WDRB's Gina Glaros is on trash duty for the city of Charlestown.

Gina met with Jason Dunn, the operator of the 'lightening loader,' who arrives at the maintenance and sanitation department around 7 a.m. every weekday. "Basically what we do is, I pick up everything here that the garbage trucks and garbage men can't pick up. So, we'll be picking up furniture, brush, yard debris, recliners, mattresses, anything that the garbage guys just can't physically handle," Dunn said.

The first stop of the day required picking up an old mattress. This is where Gina got her first lesson in mechanics. "If you were to get this out with out the outriggers down, chances are this truck will turn over," Dunn said. "So, when you're done, that just pulls them up and set them down here. Then, you're ready to go, on to the next one," he explained.

Not much time passes between each stop. "I average about three or four tons a load, two or three loads per day, so 10 to 12 tons a day," Dunn said. "We do 600 to 700 work orders per month average, out of two trucks."

Dunn makes it look easy. "I know this city inside and out. I know every side road, back road, main road. So, matter of fact, I can just about tell you every address and where it's at, so that helps."

Each control is similar to a game controller. Just don't move it in the wrong direction.

Dunn can make about three trips to the landfill per day. "When you see it first hand, every day, the amount that just comes out of a small town, I can't imagine how it would be all over the country."

Dodging power lines, limbs, even cars, mailboxes and fencing, Dunn encourages residents to be patient. He says he will get to you.

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