The summer meteor shower, Perseid, is in full swing right now and PEAKING tonight/tomorrow morning. The phase of the moon (new moon) will make viewing even better, because the light from the moon will not ruined any visibility of the shooting stars. The days after the peak will also provide nice, dark skies as well! Perseids are one of the more interesting meteor showers.  These enter the atmosphere around 35 mph, so they're a faster-moving show.  Often these meteors appear colorful and leave traces in the sky.  You can expect 50-70 meteors per hour by getting away from cities and look to the sky! 

It's always best to look for meteors between midnight and dawn, but there have already been sightings after sunset but before midnight. Perseid peaks on a Moonless summer night from 4 p.m. EST on August 12 (today) until 4 a.m. EST on August 13 (Monday).  Your best window of observation is from a few hours after twilight until dawn, on the days surrounding the peak. Tonight, there will be a few clouds around, but you should still be able to see the meteors! Lows will be in the upper 60s.

You should be able to see some meteors until August 24, with the rates increasing during the weeks before August 12 and decreasing after August 13. Observers should be able to see between 50 and 70 per hour at the peak. Remember, you don’t have to look directly at the constellation to see them. You can look anywhere you want to-even directly overhead. There is also a parade of planets visible! Learn more about that here. 



-Katie McGraw

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