LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Changes begin Sunday for some TARC routes, all in an effort to avoid eliminating certain routes all together. 

Routes 15, 19, 20 and 23 saw the changes. 

TARC says the adjustments will allow them to continue to provide service to areas with low performing routes, while also dealing with ongoing construction around many of the stops. 

Some of the routes will have a pickup time that is 10 to 15-minutes later than before. 

TARC says the changes will not affect weekend service. 

You can see a list of all of the route changes below:

Rt. #15 – Market St.: Minor routing changes are proposed to avoid delays at the railroad crossing on LaGrange Road and UPS Drive.

Rt. #19 – Muhammad Ali Blvd.: Service changes involve a reduction in the number of trips; however, frequency was maintained at approximately 15 - 20 minutes during the AM and PM peak hours and 30 minutes on other trips. Due to parallel service provided by Routes #15, #21, #23 and #31 along the same corridor or within walkable distances, impact to service provided will be minor. Due to construction activities at Oxmoor Mall and Beecher Terrace temporary stops will be established in these areas.

Rt. #20 - Riverport Circulator: Routing and schedule adjustments will address feedback to improve connections between Valley High School and JCTC Southwest. These adjustments will also provide daily service to Riverport and improve transfer opportunities to Routes #18 – Preston – Dixie and #63 – Crums Ln. resulting in 30-minute arrivals to Riverport during the AM and PM peak hours. Service frequency and the number of trips to the Riverport area remain the same.

Rt. #23 – Broadway: Frequency will be adjusted from 13 to 16 mins. on Broadway between Shawnee Park and Bardstown Rd. at Taylorsville Rd. and from 36 to 48 mins. on other areas along the route.

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