Apparently my defense of the media last week has hit a nerve, so I will continue with the third of three parts.

President Donald Trump recently called many media outlets "the enemy of the American people." I stand here today to tell you it is not. If we look past the reporters who are presenting biased news in their coverage of the president, and there are many, the overwhelming amount of journalism practiced in this country is honorable and necessary.

Mitch Albom made some very good points in USA Today last week. Without the media, we would have a fraction of the knowledge we have about World War II. The My Lai massacre would never have been exposed. The same for Agent Orange. Watergate would be nothing but a hotel you'd probably never heard of. You wouldn't know who Monica Lewinsky is.

Water could still be deadly in Flint. Bribery and corruption could go on unpunished. Anyone in power could pretty much do anything they wanted, because who else but journalists would expose it?

Almost everything we know outside of our own homes and workplaces is brought to us by some form of journalism. Like our court system, American journalism isn't perfect. It is sometimes biased and sometimes just gets it wrong. But it's still the best in the world, and democracy could not exist without it.

Once again, please share your thoughts.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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