JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Elderly and disabled residents have been evacuated from a Jeffersonville apartment complex after flooding during Saturday’s heavy rain.

Residents say it's the third time water and sewage has rushed inside their homes at the M. Fine on Spring apartment complex this summer.

Stephanie Abbott says her mother's apartment has flooded three times.

"I got a phone call from her last night that they were being evacuated again for flooding,” Abbott said. “She was scared and nervous."

A few weeks ago, her mother woke up in the middle of the night to find her apartment filled with water.

"The water was ankle deep,” Abbott said. “She uses a walker, if she falls, you know that could be the end of it for her."

During a walk-through of the apartment Sunday, they found flood debris around every corner.

"It looked like just sewage, just piles of it all in her kitchen, her bathroom, in her bedroom, just everywhere … there was a smell,” Abbott said.

The complex was finished in December but just started having problems this summer. New Hope Services Inc. owns the building, and sent WDRB the following statement:

“Since MFINE on Spring was completed in December there have been 5 instances of rainfall in excess of 3 inches over a 5-6 hr period. Until three weeks ago there was no flooding and storm water drained normally. We think something changed in the storm drainage system that has created this problem on three occasions. We believe there to be a correlation between our flooding and the work on the City's Gateway and 9th St interchange projects.

In 2 of 3 cases we have had to relocate tenants to a hotel until their apts were again livable. We have brought in the Red Cross to assist them until they can return to their homes. The City of Jeffersonville has not offered any assistance to the relocated residents all of whom are seniors and some disabled, nor have they offered a cause or solution to the problem.

We have an $11 million complex that is filled with 51 senior & disabled residents that is besieged by storm flooding issues and some who have been relocated twice in 3 weeks. We don’t intend to accept the city’s rationale as to the cause of the problem.”

-James A. Bosley, President & CEO of New Hope Services Inc.


Abbott says the complex management has been very helpful, but her mother has had enough.

"It's not that something backed up from the apartments, it's that the water was coming from the streets into the apartment complex,” she said.

Residents are staying in a hotel and are receiving help from the Red Cross. Unsure of when they can go back home and hoping the city will step in to help.

"She doesn't know what the future holds and she's afraid that she's not going to have any place to go,” Abbott said. "The City of Jeffersonville … I don't understand why they don't care, and I feel like they should."

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore declined an on-camera interview, but did say the flooding is "unfortunate, but not due to negligence by the city ... it's Mother Nature."

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