LOUISVILLE,Ky. (WDRB) -- AT&T's 5G will be in 12 different cities this year, including Louisville. The technology will be available in some parts of the city and expand from there, although officials wouldn't confirm where it will start.  

“We're going to be getting 5G before places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas,” AT&T Kentucky President Hood Harris said. “This is huge for us. We've announced we will be in parts of Louisville, but for competitive reasons, we haven't said exactly where. But we've got to start somewhere and build out.”

  1. Why was Louisville chosen as one of the first to get 5G?

“The legislature in the past several years modernized our laws to enable this kind of technology, and second, it's building on the $300 million that we have invested in our wired and wireless networks in Louisville over the past three years,” Harris said.

  1. How will 5G impact your home internet service?

“Your traditional home internet service will eventually be able to migrate to a wireless model,” said Dr. Adrian Lauf, University of Louisville assistant professor of computer engineering and computer science. “That's good for a number of reasons: no more digging, faster expansion, deployment go out faster. What that means for a consumer, it will be easier for you to get high-speed internet service.”

“Just as LTE gave us the gig economy, 5G is going to unleash an unforeseen innovation that we can't even think about today,” Harris said. “Things we do know about are driverless cars, internet of things, connected to smart cities, all of these things, as well as faster speeds and more bandwidth for consumers.”

  1. How will 5G change your mobile service and when can you get it?

AT&T 5G will deploy in Louisville before many mobile phones are even compatible.

“Imagine if you went out and bought a toaster and didn't have electricity yet?” Lauf said. “You kind of need the infrastructure first, and you need the phone later.”

Experts predict the next generation high-end smartphones will be first, and they say Apple could lag behind because of an issue with the tech manufacturer.

“All of us have seen YouTube videos on our cell phones, and what it boils down to is you'll have less waiting, you'll have less of a hard time getting faster internet speeds when you're in a crowded environment, and the network itself is actually going to spread out all over and won’t just rely on cell towers,” Lauf said.

Lauf said the network will rely on small cell technology. Some of the smaller towers or “cubes” will allow for better and wider coverage in places you might not have gotten coverage before.

  1. Faster internet speeds sound great, but will your bill take a hit?

Some experts predict the cost won’t be more expensive.

“If we have enough bandwidth, people won't be costing the cell providers too much in terms of effort, so unlimited plans should get cheaper,” Lauf said. “5G is going to come out, and you're not going to notice anything different on your bill. Your cell phone is going to look exactly the same, but you might notice better coverage, you might notice less buffering when watching YouTube.”

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