SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WDRB) -- Ever since a $95 million referendum to update West Clark Community schools failed last year, the school board has been coming up with a plan to move Silver Creek Schools into a new school corporation, separating it away from Borden and Henryville schools.

The plan says two new school corporations would be formed and shows the new proposed boundaries for each school district. This would impact where tax dollars are collected and how they are distributed to fund schools.

"If you don't truly walk through the schools and see the conditions behind closed doors, you don't truly understand it," said Matt Czarnecki, a Silver Creek parent.

A large section of Carr Township currently included in Borden's boundaries would move into the new Silver Creek district, which would bring about $78 million of assessed valuation over to Silver Creek.

At its meeting Thursday night, the board voted 3-2 to approve the plan and send it to the Indiana State Board of Education.

The plan explains how money will be divided among the new school corporations, but doesn't include exact figures, which is why at least one board member voted against it.

"They keep talking about this as a divorce, and in a divorce, you wouldn't just say you can have this and we'll take this," West Clark school board member Brian Guernsey said. "You would attach a monetary value to it and then move forward on splitting the assets."

The meeting was packed with concerned community members and parents hoping the board made the right choices for thousands of students. 

"I've had two kids graduate from this school and three more coming up the chain, and knowing what's right and what's wrong, whether or not people want to pay the extra taxes or not, you have to do what's best for the kids," Czarnecki said.

The vote is far from the final piece to the puzzle, however. If the state signs off on the plan, it will come back to the school board , which will then decide if the plan will go to the communities for a vote.

If approved, the new school districts could be made official next year. 

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