By Teddy Abrams
The Louisville Orchestra

We often encourage young people to “dream big." We tell children they can “be anything they want." In America, our individual dreams are possible with the essential ingredients of determination, ambition, and a belief in one’s self. However, we rarely join together as a collective and ask what we dream up for our cities and our communities.

Do our towns have the freedom to be anything we envision for our communal future?

I’ve proudly made Louisville my home for four years, and as an artist, I’ve observed that our city has all of the ingredients to become a global cultural capital. Our audiences have a truly open and curious spirit, and this community deeply values art, both for the power of the art itself, and the ways in which art unifies us all.

In so many cases, the great cities of the world have been defined and built by culture. Ancient Athens with its architecture, Renaissance Florence with painting, Enlightenment Leipzig and Salzburg with music, New York with theatre, and LA with film.

Louisville should be on this list in the 21st Century. The strength of our city comes from our openness, our shared compassion, and our willingness to work together. If Louisville’s cultural community - everyone from artists to big institutions - joins together to dream big, we can build a future in which the power of art reaches every citizen, to make Louisville the greatest place to live in our nation.

This is a call to action for our city. Let’s imagine a city in which art flows through the streets like never before in America. We have the talent, the determination, and the ambition. We only need to believe in ourselves.

I'm Teddy Abrams and that's my point of view.