LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Papa John’s International founder John Schnatter will get his day in court next week when the first of his two lawsuits against the company goes to a one-day trial before a Delaware judge.

Schnatter, who already gave seven hours of testimony in a deposition, will be a witness at the trial, according to court records and a Schnatter spokesman.

Delaware Court of Chancery Judge Andre Bouchard last week denied the company’s request to toss Schnatter’s lawsuit in which he seeks access to documents regarding the other board’s members efforts to ostracize him in July by, among other actions, terminating his status as the company’s spokesman and his sublease for office space at the headquarters in Louisville.

The company unsuccessfully tried to persuade Bouchard that Schnatter’s lawsuit over documents, filed July 26, is too similar to a lawsuit he filed Aug. 30 accusing the other five board members of causing “irreparable harm” to the company.

The second lawsuit remains pending in the same court.

The showdown comes as Papa John’s crafts new marketing and advertising materials focused on its employees and franchisees, rather than Schnatter.

“You’ve heard one voice at Papa John’s for a long time,” a franchisee says in a new TV spot featuring restaurant employees and owners from around the country.

 The company filed a trademark application last month indicating it’s considering dropping the apostrophe in favor of “Papa Johns.”

Schnatter’s split with the company came after a July 11 report by Forbes that he had used the N-word during a business conference call in May.

He apologized for the comment, but later said it was taken out of context. He also gave into pressure to resign at the board’s chairman, but would later say he regretted doing so.

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