By Rick Bozich
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — There are 11 remaining undefeated FBS teams in college football — and two undefeated teams in the major league baseball playoffs.

I’m not sure what that has to do with my weekly Top 13 (cheers)/Bottom 5 (groans), other than to remind you that fans of the Cubs, A’s and Rockies had as much indigestion as fans of the local college football teams, who went 0-for-the-weekend.

The squawking about how a deserving team is going to be left out of the college football playoffs has escalated. Don’t yell. Don’t scream. Don’t worry.

It’ll all work out — and Nick Saban will lift another trophy over his head. Who's going to stop him?

On to the weekly rankings.

Top 13

1. Alabama (6-0) — Will Tua Tagovailoa attempt a pass in the fourth quarter this season? Hasn’t happened yet. No reason.

2.  Brewers (3-0) — Sorry, but I’m a big fan of Christian Yelich. Why would Derek Jeter trade this guy?

3. Georgia (6-0) — The Bulldogs’ next four games are against Top 25 opponents. It’s Go Time, Kirby.

4. Ohio State (6-0) — The Buckeyes next five games are not against Top 25 opponents. It’s cruise control time.

5. Notre Dame (6-0) — The Irish have a better resume than Clemson — and it really isn’t close.

6. Clemson (6-0) — The Tigers have not played a Top 25 team yet.

7. West Virginia (5-0) — Last chance for the Big 12.

8. UCF (5-0) — Undefeated in the American Athletic Conference, but isn’t everybody undefeated in that league?

9. Colorado (5-0) — When was the last time the Buffaloes were 5-0?

10. North Carolina State (5-0) — State has an off week to prepare for its trip to Clemson. This Dave Doeren guy ain't bad.

11. Cincinnati (6-0) — Luke Fickell is making himself a guy who’ll get one of the best jobs that open next month -- unless he wants to do what Mark Dantonio, Brian Kelly and Butch Jones did not do and stay at UC.

12. South Florida (5-0) — Texas is winning. Charlie Strong is winning. Everybody is winning.

13. Kentucky (5-1) — The Wildcats deserve more love than they received from the knuckleheads in the USA Today coaches’ poll who placed them Number 20.

Bottom Five

5. UConn (1-5) — The Huskies have been outscored by 200 points — and somehow they won one of their half-dozen games. 200 points?

4. Chip Kelly (0-5) — Losing games happens. Losing games with a team averaging less than 20 points per game makes it tough to call yourself an offensive genius, Chipper.

3. Mike Stoops (5-1) — Your defense cannot give up 48 points and 501 yards against Texas if you expect to keep your job at Oklahoma.

2. Louisville (2-4) — You saw it. I saw it. Boston College saw it. LeBron James saw it. Aaron Judge saw it. The Most Interesting Man in the World saw it. Everybody saw it.

1. Cubs (0-2) — You knew that I couldn’t help myself.

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