LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The former LMPD officer accused of raping several women has pleaded the fifth.

Pablo Cano appeared for his deposition Wednesday, but answered very few questions. Based off advice from his attorney, he only answered his name, where he's from and his birthday. 

Invoking the fifth amendment allows a person to decline to answer questions where the answers may be incriminating. When questioned by the alleged victims' attorney about reading the complaint against him and other documents in the case, Cano chose not to answer. 

"By advice of my attorney, I assert my fifth amendment right," Cano said. 

Nine women have accused Cano of rape. Six of them have filed a lawsuit.

Cano's attorney maintains his innocence saying any contact was consensual.

Cano resigned in September of 2017 from LMPD.

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