LEXINGTON, Ky. (WDRB) – Rick Pitino has been making some rounds in college basketball, visiting practices and speaking to teams coached by friends – Manhattan (Steve Masiello), Syracuse (Jim Boeheim), Cincinnati (Mick Cronin) and Bellarmine (Scott Davenport), to name a few.

But don’t expect to see Rick Pitino at any Kentucky practices anytime soon. It’s not that Wildcats’ coach John Calipari was opposed to the idea when he was asked about it during the team’s Media Day on Thursday. He seemed more worried that it would be a distraction.

“Probably wouldn’t have him come talk to the team based on,” and then Calipari paused, “it would put North Korea on the back burner, let me just say it that way.”

He said the two have talked once recently, and have texted several times. Pitino will begin a podcast on Tuesday, and while Calipari hasn’t been scheduled as a guest, he said he’d do it if asked.

“If he asked me I would probably do it because he did my podcast,” Calipari said.

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