LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- October is eat together month, but only 30% of families make time to eat one meal together each day.

Catherine Arnold MS, RD, LD joined WDRB In the Morning to challenge families to eat together.

The Dairy Alliance is encouraging families to Eat Together, Eat Better for the month of October.

Research shows children who eat frequent meals with their family have better nutrition, increased self-esteem and exhibit less risky behaviors.

Arnold suggests three tips to help families save time and eat together.

First, she says families should plan out their meals ahead of time.

53% of Americans decide what they are doing to eat for dinner within an hour of meal time, and planning can help.

Next, Arnold says families should meal prep.

Meal prepping can help save time and also boost the nutritional value of the foods you choose.

Finally, Arnold says people should "Pack Your Pantry" with ingredients.

Stock up on foods like frozen whole wheat pasta, frozen vegetables, and more to make quick and great meals.

You can find more meal tips on The Dairy Alliance's website, or find Catherine at catherinearnoldrd.com.

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