Bobby Petrino is gone. U of L owes him the $14 million remaining on his contract and they have said they will pay it.

I'm sure Petrino will take it too, even though he did the opposite of earning it.

He failed so badly this year that he chased fans away and offered no hope that he could fix it at the exact time U of L needed to fill those new seats. He failed so badly Vince Tyra didn't even want him to finish this year for fear he would do more damage.

It was a total meltdown, but because he signed his name to a contract, he will get $14 million for doing less than nothing going forward.

I'm not saying he isn't legally entitled to it, but when you leave a dumpster fire behind you, it doesn't feel right.

I am reminded of Hall of Fame baseball player Al Kaline. In 1970, the Detroit Tigers offered to make him the first Tiger ever to earn $100,000 which is the equivalent of $600,000 today. He told the Tigers that after what he considered a subpar year for him, he didn't think he deserved it. He turned it down and elected to stay at $95,000.

Can you imagine someone refusing money they didn't feel they earned? Integrity before money? Today, it's unthinkable.

Call us with your thoughts on Bobby.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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