By Rick Bozich
WDRB Sports

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — No Louisville questions for Jeff Brohm so far this week.

Strictly talk about injuries, quarterbacks, the frustrations of losing a 14-point fourth-quarter lead against Wisconsin and the urgency to qualify for bowl eligibility by earning victory No. 6 (and the Old Oaken Bucket) at Indiana Saturday.

“There’s really nothing happening right now,” said a source close to the situation at Purdue. “Nothing really new since the (Indy radio host Dan) Dakich report last week.

“Everybody is just focused on the Indiana game and staying in that zone.”

That is the situation at Purdue, which needs to beat the Hoosiers to stop a two-game losing streak and avoid the first losing season of Brohm’s five-year head coaching career.

Sorry. The status quo has no shot in today’s news environment. Something going on.

Somebody has to tell somebody else something about something. No news is Option Z.

The coaching carousel operates on a different frequency: Predictions, speculation, rumors and body language matter. Fans parse every syllable that a coach utters when he tries to answer job questions that are difficult to answer.

Even if there has been no movement at Purdue or Louisville, the rest of the college football landscape shifts daily. It will tilt again after rivalry weekend is completed Saturday.

Jobs have opened. Job have filled. Jobs are rumored to be opening. Mammoth jobs -- like Urban Meyer stepping down at Ohio State or Clay Helton getting fired by Southern Cal. 

If Brohm to Louisville, when?

If not Brohm to Louisville, who?

If no news on either topic, what are we going to talk about, write about and fuss about?

The Dakich rumor that my source mentioned was the Tweet by Dakich that Brohm will be introduced as the next U of L football coach Nov. 26 — although Dakich later noted Brohm could change this mind.

Brohm called the report “completely false,” about 30 minutes after I tweeted that the report was, coincidentally “completely false.”

That was also about 45 minutes before Dakich stuck the needle in me with several text messages.

Our text discussion lapsed into a tentative detente that he and I, bonded by our hometown of Gary, Ind., will meet at Serb Fest in Indianapolis next summer over a plate of barbecue lamb.

(Dakich, for the record, is buying. He’s in a different tax bracket.)

But as Louisville fans wait to exhale about Brohm’s joyous return to  the program he once quarterbacked, the job market continues to churn.

Currently, there is nothing on the menu that would appeal to Brohm more than his alma mater.

Key word: CURRENTLY.

Ohio State is not open — yet. USC is not open — yet. Check back on Sunday. Or Monday. Or maybe Saturday night.

Those are programs that aspire to play for the national championship, recruit exclusively 4 and 5-stars and develop Heisman Trophy winners every year.

Those are career-changing jobs. Louisville is not competing with programs like that for candidates — yet.

Kansas has filled, but Brohm was never going to Kansas. Les Miles went to Kansas — the same Les Miles who was mentioned for the Purdue job before Brohm filled it two years ago.

Colorado has opened. Brohm has not been featured in the Colorado speculation.

Most of the names mentioned as the replacement for Mike McIntyre in Boulder are not guys I’d expect to move to the top of the list if Brohm to Louisville doesn’t work out.

Bryan Harsin of Boise State? No.

Dana Holgorsen of West Virginia? No

Eric Bieniemy, Kansas City Chiefs? No.

Jeff Tedford, Fresno State? Heavens, no.

Matt Wells of Utah State? He was the quarterback coach and passing game coordinator for Steve Kragthorpe at Louisville in 2009. Utah State sent John L. Smith to Louisville. His team is 9-1, but Wells just rebounded from three consecutive losing seasons.

Neal Brown of Troy? His team won at Nebraska this season. His team won at Louisiana State last season. His team nearly won at Clemson in 2016.

Oops. Almost forgot. He played and coached at Kentucky.

I’m sure Brown’s credentials, which are considerable, and his candidacy, which could be divisive, will generate daily columns if Jeff Brohm to Louisville does not work out.

But nothing is happening with that right now, even though I just needed about 700 words to explain that.

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