LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A state representative from Louisville wants to make sure all Kentucky drivers know what to do when they see those blue lights behind them, and are pulled over by police.

Rep. Reggie Meeks has prefiled a bill requiring that driver’s license training include how to interact with police officers.

“We've seen many instances around the country where these kinds of stops, routine stops, turn ugly real quick,” Meeks told WDRB News.

Meeks wants the Kentucky State Police driver training manual and test updated to make sure motorists know their rights and responsibilities when stopped by police.

“The kinds of questions that you should expect to be able to answer from the police, the kinds of parameters that the police have when they interact with you as a driver,” Meeks said.

Nineteen-year-old Gerald Sumlin, who just passed the road test for his driver’s license, said he knows what to do when he is pulled over. “You have to be calm when you're approached, and obviously, hands where they can be seen,” said Sumlin. “Just like me and you, we're talking. It doesn't have to escalate.”

Both Sumlin and his mother, Teresa, said they like the idea of requiring training on both sides. “It's an unfortunate sign of the times that you have to do that,” said Teresa Sumlin.

Meeks said his bill would provide important accountability for both drivers and police officers. “Laying it out up front, in the training manual, how you should interact with the police, I think will be an important safety measure,” he said.

The President of the Louisville Fraternal Order of Police, Nicolai Jilek, told WDRB News that while the concept sounds good, he wants to see the specific wording of any final bill before passing judgement.

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