LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Darlene Riedling Herps has filed a petition for a recount after losing to incumbent Mayor Gary Hatcher by six votes.

Even though 900 people voted, nearly 250 others who got a ballot, left the mayor's race blank.

A vote recanvass was conducted on Nov. 15, but there was no change in votes. However, Herps' attorney says a recount is needed because an undetermined number of voters were given incorrect instructions by poll workers on the proper way to complete their ballots -- or were given the wrong ballot.

For a recount, the county clerk's office says the votes would be manually counted to see if people didn't properly fill in the circles, meaning the scan machine wouldn't have counted the vote.

Hatcher has never returned our calls.  He recently hired a fired Hillview Officer and kept the Pioneer Village Police Chief who is under investigation for rape, on the job.

The Bullitt County Mayor's race is non-partisan. No word on when the recount will be scheduled. The Bullitt County Clerk's Office says there are 2204 registered voters in Pioneer Village.


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