JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Transportation officials in southern Indiana say they have a problem that's facing school districts across the country: a lack of bus drivers.

In an effort to bring more candidates through the door, Greater Clark County Schools is promising part-time hours with full-time benefits for future bus drivers.

 In fact, GCCS used one of its drivers, Randy O'Brien in a promotional video, hoping to recruit and put more people in the driver's seat. O'Brien said he's had several careers, and while he admits driving a bus was not even on the radar, he now believes he's found his true calling.

"It's nice to do a job that you know is important," he said.

Ken Watson, the assistant director of transportation for GCCS, said the district is looking for experience but will take and train people willing to switch gears and take on one of its 94 routes.

Watson said they currently don't have enough drivers to cover those routes.

"We start every day with about seven routes that are unfilled," he said.

Transportation officials said despite offering $20.25 an hour for drivers with 10 years of experience, a flexible schedule and health benefits. With no experience, drivers will start with $15 an hour.

To apply, click here or call (812)-288-4809.

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