Attorney General Andy Beshear, like his father did when he was governor, is asking state lawmakers to approve gaming in Kentucky.

He is suggesting that gaming taxes and fees would go a long way toward funding pensions for public employees, including teachers.

Andy has a little conflict of interest going here, but that doesn't make the idea a bad one. I have supported legalizing casino gambling for years, and I support it now.

We know there is a shortfall of revenue into the general fund, we know that the pension plans are grossly underfunded, and we know there is never enough money. Here is money that is available, large sums of non-tax money, that bordering states have been enjoying for years. Why wouldn't we use this tool?

If the Republicans, who have always been opposed to legalizing casino gambling in Kentucky, are wringing their hands over the moral implications of allowing the poor or underpaid citizens of our state to gamble in a casino, why are they OK with betting on horse racing or the lottery?

All are choices adults should be allowed to make. To approve two and draw the moral line at the third is hypocritical.

To the Republicans on this issue, I say lead, follow or get out of the way!

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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