Without a major driver to move the stock market Thursday, Wall Street seemed to use the first day of May as reason enough to advance stocks.  The Dow ended the day up 189.87 points to close at 13,010.  The Nasdaq also closed up 67.91 points at 2,480.

The Home Depot is closing 15 of its namesake stores, affecting 1,300 employees.  It is the first time the home improvement retailer has ever closed a flagship store for performance reasons.

The Atlanta based company says the underperforming U.S. stores being closed represent less than 1% of its existing stores.  The stores to be closed include the Home Depot in Frankfort, Kentucky and Indiana locations in Fort Wayne and Marion.  But the company reiterated its intention to open 55 new stores in the 2009 fiscal year.

Have you ever tried to make a cell phone call from Churchill Downs on Derby day?

With 150,000 people on the grounds it can be very challenging getting a signal. Verizon Wireless is adding two temporary cell towers near the track to boost capacity for Friday and Saturday.

Lesson learned from Thunder Over Louisville when customers tripled the number of text and picture messages sent on cells.

Nationally the wireless industry revenues in 2000 were $211-million. Last year they had grown to $23-billion.

The World Equestrian Games used the presence of the Kentucky Derby this week to reveal it has secured national television coverage for the 2010 event.

The games will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington from September 25th to October 10th, 2010.  The games make up the largest equestrian event ever held in the United States and will be America's largest spectator sporting event that year.  More than 800 athletes and 900 horses from 60 plus countries will compete for eight world championships.

NBC's Tom Hammond, a Lexington native, says he won the exacta by televising the Kentucky Derby and now the World Equestrian Games.  "We know alot about horse racing in these areas we're just learning the equestrain events Donna Barton Brothers who was a jockey of course at the last world championships and she's been telling me what a fantastic event it was it blew her mind how extensive it was and how much it was followed in the European media and by the fans there," says Hammond.

It is anticipated more than 600,000 people will attend the 16 day competition.