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Lowering Gas Prices - Playing Our Part (5/13/08)

People love to tell government to keep its nose out of their business. But with gas prices now sky-high, a lot of those same people are suddenly sure the government should be doing something to make it all better.

But what about our personal responsibility?

How many complainers could conveniently use TARC to get to work, but would never consider it? How many could carpool to and from their jobs with their spouse or co-workers, but won't? How many would never give up their needlessly large gas-guzzlers? And how many would never walk even three or four blocks to the drugstore or the bank?

Certainly, no one is going to do all these things all the time. I certainly don't. But crying about the price of gas while wasting it non-stop is like whining about being fat while scarfing down a dinner of cupcakes and ice cream.

Sooner -- not later - we have to break our oil addiction. The government can help by encouraging greater fuel efficiency while seeking workable alternatives. But we need to use what we have wisely.

Griping about high gas prices without changing our buying habits just guarantees they'll continue to rise. But changing our own behavior so we consume much less definitely can bring those prices back to more acceptable levels.

What do you think? Call and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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