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Kaitlyn Lasitter speaks out for the first time since her feet were severed on a KY Kingdom ride

The teenager whose feet were severed at Kentucky Kingdom says the accident leaves her scared almost every day.  Lasitter spoke for the first time publicly Wednesday about her recovery and how her life has changed so much in the last 11 months. 

She spoke in Washington, D.C., where she pushed for new rules for amusement park rides."I'm not as carefree as a 14-year-old child should be. And that, that really sucks. I got that taken away from me," said Lasitter.

Kaitlyn Lasitter was 13 when a cable snapped and cut off her feet on the Superman Tower of Power Ride at Louisville's Kentucky Kingdom amusement park.  It happened June 21st of last year.  "It's horrific. It's changed my life forever. I won't be the person I was before."

Doctors reattached her right foot.  She wears a prosthesis on her left foot.  Kaitlyn also uses crutches and a wheelchair.

"There are memories of me lying in the hospital. There are memories of me learning to walk again, which nobody should have to do," said Lasitter.

Her parents helped Kaitlyn walk Wednesday in Washington, D.C.  That's where she lobbied for new federal rules for amusement park rides.  "Now we're going to change and make it safer so that these parents can be comfortable in going to these parks and having fun, instead of fearing for their child's life."

Lasitter supports a law allowing federal regulation of rides that sit permanently at amusement parks.

A loophole means the feds now only regulate rides that move from place to place -- like those at carnivals or county and state fairs.

"Now I'm scared of stuff. I fear for my life when I get in a car. I fear for my life when I get on an elevator. It's hard for me to live my life as I used to," said Lasitter.

Kentucky Kingdom dismantled the Superman ride earlier this year.  The park's spokesperson said, "We are working with the family to ensure that Kaitlyn is taken care of for the rest of her life. We deeply regret last year's tragedy and have improved our already stringent safety procedures to make sure nothing like it can happen again."The Lasitter family has a lawsuit pending against Kentucky Kingdom.

The Kentucky agriculture department is expected to release its report on the accident as soon as Thursday or Friday.

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