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POV Viewer Response (1/2/07)

Viewer Response (1/2/07)

Plenty of you have sent letters and e-mails in response to several of our recent editorials, and I wanted to share some of the comments.

My attack on negative political advertising a while back got a lot of positive feedback like this, from Kenneth of Louisville:

"These negative ads have confirmed my suspicions that by making the statement 'I approve of this ad' after one of these silly commercials, the politician has nothing better to offer for the future than what they've already offered for the past."

But a few people took issue with my opinion that Kentucky should legalize casino gambling that would be restricted to existing racetracks. One of them was Becky of Louisville, who wrote, "I was pretty much appalled by your push to allow casino gambling only at Churchill Downs. Churchill Downs is the reason casino gambling went across the river to begin with. It was their big campaign against it that gave Indiana the edge on gaming."

And finally, there was a tremendous response to my recent "Point of View" about Mel Ignatow, and this e-mail, from Brian of Louisville is pretty typical:

"Mel Ignatow should indeed move far, far away from here. He is a lying, narcissistic sociopath, who will never pay what he owes on this account as long as he is free and breathing."

You can read much more - and add comments of your own, when you visit our website at fox41.com.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's your...Point of View.

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