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So Long, Bobby (1/9/07)

So Long, Bobby (1/9/07)

So Coach Bobby Petrino has left the Louisville Cardinals for the supposedly greener pastures of the Atlanta Falcons.

I can only say "Good for him." And also, "Good for U of L."

Despite his undeniable success, Petrino's annual mating dances with other college and pro teams were getting to be more than tiresome. They were creating an atmosphere of distrust and insecurity that could only undermine the Cardinal football program in the long run.

Anyone should be free to leave a good job when a better one comes along. But despite his endless two-faced denials, it's obvious Petrino has been looking since day one. And a school like Louisville deserves to have a man in charge who has both eyes on the ultimate prize. Not just one, while the other is constantly wandering in search of a sweeter deal.

Now, I believe the NFL is just the place for Bobby Petrino. Because it's a place where money trumps trust every time, where the inmates run the asylum, and where loyalty is a word without meaning as soon as you slip up.

No question - Petrino did great things while he was here. But now that he's finally gotten what he wanted all along - at least for now -- U of L will be far better off with a new guy in charge who really wants to be here and instills that same feeling in his players and recruits.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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