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Crime Shouldn't Pay (1/16/07)

Crime Shouldn't Pay (1/16/07)

Trent Marion - the man who was shot by police last year after ripping off a grocery store and leading them on a dangerous high-speed chase - has now filed a lawsuit asking for 21.5 million dollars in damages for his injuries.

Amazingly, he doesn't even deny his involvement in the original theft. He pleaded guilty in August, and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Yet he still hopes to obscenely profit from the mess he created.

He started the dominos falling as soon as he decided to steal, and aggravated the situation by fleeing when he got caught. So why should he now hit the jackpot at the expense of area taxpayers?

Perhaps the most amusing part of all this is that a portion of the settlement he's seeking is one million dollars for "loss of future wages."

Think about that. Here's a 36-year old man, whose skills seem restricted to those of the criminal variety, looking forward to spending the next 30 years behind bars...and he thinks his injuries are preventing him from earning a million dollars in the future?

From what? Stealing more if he gets out on parole?

A grand jury cleared the officers involved back in October. They were right to do so, and I only hope a judge shows the same good sense by throwing this ridiculous lawsuit out the window before it costs law-abiding citizens a single penny.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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