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Viewer Feedback (1/25/07)

Our viewers are always ready to let me know what they think about my editorials, and now it's time to share some of their feedback with the rest of you.

My recent piece about Trent Marion, the confessed thief who's suing several local governments and police departments for over 20 million dollars because he got shot while fleeing, got this response from Loretta of Taswell, Indiana:

"If it wasn't for him stealing in the first place, none of those bad things would have happened to him. He should have to pay Kentucky and Indiana for having the nerve to go shoplifting that day and making such a mess of it."

Meanwhile, Steven of Louisville took issue with my plea for a governor who could find ways to raise added revenue by saying, "You assume we need to increase revenue. But why not try something radical - like decrease spending?"

And finally, my editorial about the local protestors who disrupted a recent military funeral sparked this response from Kelly of Louisville: "There is a time and place for us all to express our feelings and I just can't understand how these people could think that was the place. It makes America look like those we fight against.

"Freedom of speech? They wouldn't have it without these brave soldiers."

As always, we welcome all your comments, at

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's your...Point of View.

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