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A Flood of Determination (1/30/07)

Seventy years ago, the people of Louisville battled the 1937 flood with uncommon grace and determination. They showed resolve, courage and self-reliance in the face of tragedy, and emerged stronger than ever.

If we faced the same kind of major disaster today, would we react the same way?

I have my doubts.

In 1937, Americans didn't have the sense of entitlement they have now. Personal responsibility ruled the day.

And people took better care of their neighbors too, because back then, you really were your brother's keeper. Government guarantees of practically everything life has to offer hadn't erased that concept yet.

But now, seven decades later, too many Americans have grown dependent upon a government that's eliminated almost any incentive for personal responsibility. What began as an admirable goal of giving everyone the chance to make a living has evolved into a system that encourages people to take a living without contributing a thing.

These days, too many people no longer respond to tribulations by asking, "What can we do to fix things?" Instead, they demand to know "Who's going to fix things for us?"

The brave people who struggled to survive the '37 flood would have thought that was a ridiculous question. But they wouldn't have wasted their breath arguing the point.

Because they had work to do.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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