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"Too Many" Doesn't Mean "All" (2/1/07)

I received good feedback on my last editorial comparing the responsibility of the people who faced the '37 Flood with the sense of entitlement so many people have today. But I received one e-mail accusing me of "assassinating the good character of the people of Louisville," and of "painting all of humankind with the same nasty, narrow brush."

Well, no. I did neither of those things.

If you really listened, you heard me say that today, "too many" people have grown dependent upon the government, and want to know who's going to fix their problems for them.

Not "all." "Too many."

And I stand by that. If you don't agree, just think back to the outrage we heard from many local citizens several years ago when the streets of their subdivisions weren't plowed fast enough for their tastes (meaning immediately) following a 16-inch blizzard.

I believe most of the people of Louisville have great character. But I do think great character is in shorter supply now than it was seventy years ago.

I also think people are much quicker now to take perceived offense at the slightest imagined insult when none was intended. And that listening has, in many cases, become a lost art.

Maybe - just maybe - if my words got under your skin, you're one of the "too many" I was talking about.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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