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Super Hypocrisy at the Super Bowl (2/6/07)

Today's point of view comes with a touch of winter laryngitis so please bear with me.

For a boneheaded policy that irritates practically everyone yet accomplishes virtually nothing, it'd be hard to beat the NFL's crackdown on church sponsored Super Bowl parties.

Several churches that planned such gatherings this past Sunday were warned by the league they'd be violating copyright laws, and could become the targets of legal action.

Of course, they don't care much about copyright laws when it comes to sports bars. I suppose that's because they don't want to mess with so many major clients of their beer advertisers.

And since churches are known for following rules and turning the other cheek, I'm sure the NFL saw an easy pushover for their bullying.

The NFL says it only wants to protect its TV ratings, which only measure in-home viewing. But then, why exempt sports bars, which clearly drain many more viewers away from home than church gatherings?

It's not my call, but next year, when Fox 41 televises the Super Bowl, viewing parties in churches would be fine by me. Call me crazy, but I'm fairly confident the ratings would still be more than high enough to keep me happy.

And for heaven's sake, isn't it more important to do right than be right?

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my scratchy Point of View.

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