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Right Decision on Wrong-Way Cop (2/8/07)

Those who follow my "Point of View" editorials know I have a great deal for respect for the police and the job they do.

But I don't automatically assume no cop can ever do wrong. That's why I fully support Chief Robert White's termination of Jason Brown, the officer who killed an innocent bystander a little over a year ago in an accident while driving the wrong direction on a one-way street.

Yes, Brown was rushing to assist another officer in a pursuit. And in such a situation, the police sometimes do have a genuine need to bend traffic laws.

But driving against the flow on a one-way street demands extra caution - no matter what kind of hurry you're in. And Officer Brown not only didn't exercise enough caution, he testified he didn't even know he was going the wrong way.

Even worse, Brown has been quoted as saying that, upon reflection, he'd do nothing different.

Frankly, considering Brown's lengthy history of traffic violations before joining the department - including one that resulted in another fatality - I'm baffled as to why he was ever hired in the first place.

But I do know the Police Department could no longer afford to jeopardize its credibility by keeping such a loose cannon on its payroll. And Chief White's decision in this matter should be applauded.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View

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