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More On Personal Responsibility (2/20/07)

On February 1st, Montrell Mucker was struck by a police car as he ran from the cops. While the police originally said Mucker darted into the path of the cruiser, a police report released yesterday said Officer Ronald Fey did not have the car fully under control, and during the pursuit it fishtailed on a slippery street, striking Mucker as he fled.

Christopher 2X questioned why police chased Mucker in the car instead of on foot. He wondered if the police could have done anything differently.

As well intentioned as Christopher 2X is, he's asking the wrong question. The right question should be, "Why didn't Montrell Mucker stop when the police told him to stop?"

When he ran away, he put himself in harm's way, and the results were tragic.

I am troubled that the initial police report of the event was so different from yesterday's account. But the thing that hasn't changed is that they shouldn't have had to chase this young man in the first place.

Responsibility for this terrible event rests squarely with Montrell Mucker, who decided he would run when the police ordered him to stop. A directive to "Stop!" is not a suggestion. It is an order. And if you don't follow that order, you may well leave your family and Christopher 2X trying to figure out what the police could have done differently.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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