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Guest Editorial - Lost Generation (2/21/07)

On Friday, February 16th, my nephew became the city's latest homicide victim. He was like so many others that family members can truly say they tried to help.

All our collective efforts at helping him onto the right path were cut short by one of his own - another member of the lost generation.

There has to be a way to get the message to these young men - and I stress the word, "men" - that there is nothing "big" or "bad" about killing another human being. They need to understand there are many ways to show you're a man that don't involve being at the top of the newscast as the latest victim - or perpetrator.

My nephew's death showed that we didn't have enough answers to the question of how to stem the tide of families making arrangements to bury a loved one long before his time.

I can only hope that others out there manage to convince those of my nephew's generation that the whole "thug" lifestyle only leads to a box and a hole in the ground. My nephew didn't understand that, and he paid the ultimate price.

I'm Kenneth Brooks, and that's my...Point of View.

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