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Viewer Response - Montrell Mucker Shooting (2/23/07)

In his recent editorial, perhaps Mr. Lamb was somewhat correct in his rationale that Montrell Mucker should have stopped running when commanded to by police, but for him to suggest that Mr. Mucker's immediate situation killed him, as opposed to a recklessly driven and overzealous police cruiser, speaks to the very essence of his ignorance of the perceptions of young black men in America.

We see black men and women killed by police officers all over this country.

There were the savage beatings of Rodney King and Abner Louima; the 41-shot slaughter of Ammado Diallo; the brother who was shot 11 to 19 times with handcuffs on and killed right here in Louisville, Kentucky; and now this tragic incident.

And for the most part, the Grand Jury and the Police Department condone these murders as "justifible use of force."

Why did Mr. Mucker run? Sadly, we will never know.

Perhaps he ran, Mr. Lamb, because his perception of justice had been tainted. Perhaps Mr. Mucker realized what you obviously do not -- that the divide between the rich and the poor and black and white on these issues of justice is as wide as the Grand Canyon -- and twice as deep.

I'm Duane Campbell, and that's my...Point of View.

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