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Darts and Laurels (2/27/07)

It's time again to pass out a few more Darts and Laurels.

First, a laurel goes to Norton Healthcare, which just announced that all its health-care campuses will go completely smoke-free by June 4. While a disproportionate few are bound to squeal in protest, the dangers of second-hand smoke can no longer be denied, and I'm glad to see Norton take this responsible, no-compromise approach.

Meanwhile, a dart goes to the national news media for their shameful, over-the-top coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith "story." Given the amount of time and attention they've devoted to it, one would think Ms. Smith was actually someone of uncommon achievement and distinction, rather than just another minor-league celebrity who was only famous for being famous.

This story doesn't affect the vast majority of us in the least. And this cynical pandering not only distracts us from more important matters, but also insults our intelligence at the same time.

And finally, another laurel goes to Rick Pitino and his U of L Cardinals, who have engineered one of college basketball's biggest turnarounds this year. Six weeks ago, practically everyone was resigned to another NIT trip for the Cards. But now, it looks as if they'll be one of the hottest teams in the NCAA tournament. And around here, that's always cause for celebration.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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