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Museum Plaza - The Obstructionists Are Wrong (3/1/07)

A bill is currently being considered in Frankfort that would re-allocate some tax money generated by Louisville's planned Museum Plaza hotel toward surrounding public improvements.

Opponents say it would create a dangerous precedent of enriching private developers with funds that should go toward promoting Kentucky tourism. But those claims are unfounded.

First, this is not a gift to a private enterprise. It's a reallocation of a portion of the tax money generated by that enterprise to make necessary changes in the surrounding public infrastructure.

Second, this legislation only applies to the Museum Plaza hotel, and no other. Meaning nothing we already have will be lost.

Third, if this bill doesn't pass, the Museum Plaza project will probably disappear - along with all the other tax dollars it would generate. And that includes lots of money that would go toward Kentucky's tourism and marketing efforts.

And finally, if this legislation actually does create a precedent that results in a lot more private, 200 million dollar, tax-generating investments across that really a problem?

I'm afraid this is simply a petty turf war, waged by people who value their self-importance over things that truly are important. And it'll be a shame if their obstructionism prevails.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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