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Viewer Response - Museum Plaza - There Are No Obstructionists (3/7/07)

In Bill Lamb's editorial of March 1, he stated that there are opponents to the Museum Plaza projects. I, along with everyone else, support it. The only thing that I am opposed to are the additional funds that the developers are trying to obtain from taxes intended to be spent on generating tourism in Louisville and Kentucky.

The promoters of Museum Plaza have thus far successfully shifted the focus from the real issue -- the impermissible use of revenue realized from a specialized tax -- to the fictitious issue that any opposition to the use of this proposed funding mechanism constitutes a self-serving vote against progress.

This is pure nonsense. Since the developers have not articulated the reasons why funds can be utilized for a purpose not intended by the statute, or why $400,000 annually is absolutely essential to the financial success of the $465 million project, I can only conclude no legitimate reasons exist.

The tourism room tax was meant to support just that-tourism. To use the tourism room tax for a private project is like using the gasoline tax to construct a gas station.

If challenged, HB 549 will likely be found to be unconstitutional. If the issue of the constitutionality of HB 549 has to be ultimately decided in court, the Museum Plaza dream will turn into a nightmare.

I'm Stewart Bland, and that's my...Point of View.

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