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Paying For Our Needs - Not Our Wants (03-15-07)

One of the more questionable actions of the recent Kentucky General Assembly was an allocation of two million dollars to Jefferson County.

This may sound strange, since I routinely complain this area rarely gets its fair share of the overwhelming amount of tax revenue it sends to Frankfort.

But the two million isn't for road upgrades, or much-needed renovations of public structures. Or even the purchase of some bridge paint.

No, it's only to be used to create and install a statue of Abraham Lincoln on the city's waterfront.

Now, I'm a Lincoln fan. But when programs of REAL significance are being slashed, isn't this a case of misplaced priorities?

I'm pretty sure Honest Abe would not have spent two million dollars of public money in such a manner.

I think the Metro Council should take the bold step of saying "thanks, but no thanks," and return the money to Frankfort, along with the strong suggestion it be used for some other state project of more significance.

Would the returned cash likely just go to some other pork project in another part of the state? Probably.

But this would not only make a bold statement. It would also reassure Kentucky at large that when we do ask for state money here in Louisville, we understand our responsibility to spend it wisely.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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