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Irrational Rush to Raise the Speed Limit (4/10/07)

Irrational Rush to Raise the Speed Limit (4/10/07)

During Kentucky's recently-concluded legislative session, the law raising the speed limit on our Interstates from 65 to 70 miles per hour slipped through pretty easily.

But beyond 60 miles per hour, cars and trucks use more fuel per mile the faster they go. So with gas prices now at or near all-time highs, this just doesn't make much sense.

You say it'll save time? Well, consider this:

It's roughly 400 miles from Ashland to Paducah. Driving that distance at 65 would take about six hours and seven minutes. At 70, it'd take about 22 minutes less.

That's for the longest Interstate trip you could possibly take in Kentucky. And, of course, you'd still have to slow down near cities like Lexington or Louisville, so the real difference would be even less.

I just don't believe saving 20 or so minutes is really that critical when making an all-day drive. Especially when higher speeds also increase the odds of accident fatalities.

America's leaders all agree we need to significantly reduce our dependency upon foreign oil -- not consume even more. Isn't anyone in Frankfort paying attention?

This was simply bad, counter-productive legislation. And the rush to pass it -- when so many other important issues were ignored -- is baffling.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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