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Viewer Response - Parking Tickets (4/11/07)

I'm attorney David Mour. I was chastised last week for calling metro government's hand for violating the law. Its clear from the lesson Mr. Lamb offered, he didn't learn his civics here in Louisville. I was taught civics in our schools and this is what I learned:

Our nation is a nation of laws. We elect representatives who make the laws. The representatives we sent to Frankfort passed a law that says metro government must send a notice by certified mail within fourteen days to any person given a parking ticket- no exceptions.

Local officials refused to comply. They claim following the law is too expensive.

That's not a technicality Mr. Lamb, that's local officials willfully refusing to follow the law our representatives in Frankfort ordered it to follow. We as a people can't allow that because if we do, government becomes a tyrant. Sorry Mr. Lamb, but your idea of civics leads to a dangerous place.

This is not about any one person's tickets. It's about government demanding its citizens obey the law while government itself refuses. That's hypocrisy. Local government officials don't get to decide if and when they will follow state law. That's not how our system works, and if Mr. Lamb and others don't like the law, they know how to change it.

As for my ten parking tickets, I'd rather give $250.00 to a good cause, so here's my check in that amount to the Home of the Innocents which needs the money a lot more than the ticket writers down at City Hall.

Mr. Lamb says this is nonsense. What is nonsense is his suggestion it's OK for local government to do whatever it wants. I've fought City Hall before and will continue the fight on this issue.

I'm David Mour and that's my...Point of View.

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