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Choosing Substance Over Trivia (5/15/08)

Comedian Craig Ferguson said it as a joke:

"I'm sure it's comforting to people about to lose their houses to foreclosure to know that Congress is acting quickly on the ‘Grand Theft Auto' fake violence crisis."

But once again, it takes a comedian to clearly define the problem of pandering legislators who are scared to make any hard choices about issues that really matter.

Certainly, violent video games like "Grand Theft Auto" aren't wonderful things to be treasured. But in a time of war, $4 gas and people's real fear about their day-to-day security, do they really deserve the full attention of Congress?

Of course not. But they are the lifeblood of too many politicians -- a great distraction. And there are plenty of others:

Who wears flag lapel pins and who doesn't..."Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays"...which candidate you'd rather share a beer with...and the list goes on.

People certainly have a right to care about such things. But they also have the ability to deal with them on their own terms in their own lives. Government should be concerned with larger issues.

As Kentucky's primary election day nears, we should remember that politicians who succeed by emphasizing trivia over substance only do so because we allow it.

And it's time we stopped being such gullible pushovers.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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