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Imus: One Down, Many More To Go (4/17/07)

I shed no tears for Don Imus. I've long been disgusted by those who profit by portraying our culture at its very worst, and this latest unfunny racist slur by Imus was nowhere near his first.

But I'm also offended by the idea that equally guilty offenders such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson immediately thrust themselves into the limelight so they could give some sort of official "ruling" on whether or not they would accept Imus' apology.

Unless I missed it, Imus insulted the Rutgers Women's Basketball team - not Al Sharpton. And the class and dignity the team showed in the aftermath of this whole sorry affair proved they're perfectly capable of accepting or rejecting apologies on their own.

They hardly need the help of guys who throw around anti-Semitic terms like "Hymietown" or slander innocent people by supporting fabricated stories of gang-rape.

Now that Imus has been held accountable for his irresponsible crack, I only hope it's just the beginning. Because those who produce and air the current music and videos that assume this same abusive attitude toward women - and black women in particular - are an even bigger problem. And hate is hate no matter who expresses it.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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