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Disaster is Bad Business 5/1/07

Disaster is Bad Business (5/1/07)

Last week, a panel of experts recommended lowering the water level of Lake Cumberland an additional 30 feet because they believe not doing so makes it more likely that the seeping Wolf Creek Dam will fail.

Several people involved in the area's recreational industry oppose this idea. They say the threat of a dam failure is exaggerated, and that lowering the lake level even more would hurt their businesses.

Well, they're probably right about business being hurt. But it's pretty clear the danger is real, and I have a hard time balancing their business interests against the billions of dollars and many lives that would be lost if that dam ever does fail.

This situation seems typical of America's current attitude that no one should ever have to suffer for the greater good, and that sacrifice is for saps.

Our parents didn't see it that way. They faced some of the century's greatest threats and paid the necessary price to overcome them. It wasn't easy, wasn't fair, and wasn't cheap, but they did it.

It's only natural to act in one's own self-interest. But sometimes, that self-interest needs to give way to bigger needs. And I hope the marina owners around Lake Cumberland understand that.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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