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Derby Cruising - The Ban Is Justified (5/3/07)

I certainly sympathize with business owners who claim the ban on Derby cruising along Broadway will cost them money. And I'm always wary of restricting the free movement of law-abiding citizens on public thoroughfares.

But area residents shouldn't have to become prisoners in their own homes for a whole weekend. Emergency personnel need to be able to get ambulances and fire engines where they're needed. And no one should be forced to put up with jerks who urinate in their yards, flaunt obscene behavior and engage in dangerous -- and sometimes deadly -- violence.

The past trouble was undoubtedly caused by a small minority. But they did major damage. And it had to be stopped.

Some are crying "racial discrimination," saying if the same situation existed in the Highlands or Crescent Hill, it would be allowed.

But they're wrong. If that kind of chaos had transpired in those neighborhoods or any other predominantly white areas, I'm sure the police would be cracking down there, too.

Remember the Derby Eve orgy that used to take place every year on Central Avenue? That was a mostly white crowd. And the authorities didn't hesitate to put an end to it.

The cruising ban isn't about race. It's about behavior. And while it's always a shame when the many have to pay for the sins of the few, in this case, I'm convinced it's necessary.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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