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Bad Behavior Produces Bad Outcomes (5/8/07)

Last week brought two more examples of what can happen when you commit felonies with guns and refuse to give up peacefully when confronted by police officers:

You just might get killed.

Maybe the whole city was just too preoccupied with the Derby to give these two shootings as much attention as others have gotten in the past, but I thought a couple of things should be noted:

One shooting was in the West End, while the other was miles away in the Fern Creek area.

And one of the dead criminals was black, while one was white.

Two separate parts of town. Two different races. One common, predictable outcome.

One thing we can learn from two such regrettable, contemporaneous incidents is that they provide stark proof that police don't have double standards when it comes to dealing with dangerous offenders.

When their lives are threatened by criminals in the line of duty, cops will - and should -- use their weapons to defend themselves, regardless of the color of the perpetrator or what part of town they're in.

I'm sure the officers involved wish they'd never had to resort to such measures. But they weren't responsible for the situations they encountered. The dead guys were.

And the dead guys only have themselves to blame for how things turned out.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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