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Viewer Response – Demonstrators For Rent (5/11/07)

I'm glad to see that Bill Lamb has finally acknowledged the labor unrest in Louisville.

The situation at J. Gumbo's is not a union/non-union issue. It is a quality of life issue.

Construction workers and their families deserve a decent standard of living. However, some contractors engage in activities which we believe are illegal and detrimental to our community.

When employers compete based on wage cutting, eliminating benefits, tax avoidance and racial exploitation, our entire community is adversely affected.

There is no picket against J. Gumbo's. The picket is against the unfair contractor working for J. Gumbo's, who we believe is engaged in lowering the standard of living for all carpenters in the Louisville area.

The fact that the J. Gumbo's contractor is non-union has no relevance. If these unfair contractors would provide their carpenters with area-standard wages, benefits and working conditions the union would simply go get the next guy!

Unions created the middle class in America, and it will be destroyed unless the voices of working families are heard.

Bill Lamb does not want to be bothered by the truth, regarding the diminishing middle class status of workers. He wants to eat lunch in quiet surroundings and ignore the injustice which is eroding our modest quality of life.

I'm Larry Hujo, and that's my Point of View.

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