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Running Interference for O.J. (5/15/07)

Running Interference for O.J. (5/15/07)

One thing I'll say for Louis Coleman - he's consistent. If a person of color experiences any unpleasantness at all, he'll be front and center blaming it on racism, regardless of logic.

His latest target was Jeff Ruby, who refused to serve O.J. Simpson at his restaurant Derby weekend.

If Mr. Ruby is a racist, he is an incompetent one, since Michael Jordan managed to slip in that same night right under his nose!

No, the only racist in this story is Louis Coleman himself. I've said it for a long time and now Coleman has proven my point for me. He doesn't fight racism. He cultivates it and feeds off it. And if there's not enough to satisfy his appetite, he'll just manufacture some. Why? Because his business is racism and he's going to make sure business is good.

Racism is still a problem in this country but I'm afraid when it does rear its ugly head, if Coleman is involved, like the little boy who cried wolf, nobody will pay attention any more.

In this case, a person would have to be an idiot -- or a shameless manipulator -- to say Simpson was denied service because of race.

Since I don't think Mr. Coleman is an idiot, you may draw your own conclusion.

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I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my...Point of View.

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