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Fighting The Enemy Abroad and at Home (5/17/07)

I can't imagine how difficult and frustrating it must be to be in the United States military today.

You're fighting some of the most evil, brutal people on earth. If they're not intentionally murdering as many civilians as they can, these people are using women and children as human shields.

When you try to fight the enemy -- and despite your best efforts some of those innocent civilians die -- you will be charged with murder by your own army.

Back home, you're being led by a Commander-in-Chief who intuitively knows it's wrong to tell the enemy when we plan to leave, but has no real plan for victory. You have a congress that's withholding money you need to do your job, while they play politics in Washington. You have a liberal press that loves to point out every failure and every setback, but refuses to give equal attention to your successes and the progress you're making.

You have a vocal part of the American public that is soft and spoiled -- who hope if we just stop provoking the terrorists, maybe they'll just leave us alone.

To the men and women of our military: I admire you, but I don't envy you. No true American wants war, but since we're in one, I just wish you didn't have to fight horrific enemies abroad, in addition to well-meaning ones at home.

I'm Bill Lamb, and that's my Point of View.

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