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Kentucky officials warn about illegal election day activities

Kentucky officials are warning the public and political campaigns Sunday night about illegal election day activities.  Like some states, it is illegal to have poll watchers in Kentucky, those are people who monitor who has voted at precincts and then report back to the campaign.  The state is asking voters to pay close attention on election day.

By Tuesday, Kentucky will become the next state in the closely-watched Democratic presidential primary.  The national spotlight has state election officials concerned about illegal activity.  State elections officials have received an alarming number of requests for polling locations and precincts.

Campaigns have also asked whether poll watchers are allowed.  Poll watchers are people who track voters at polling locations and then report back to their respective campaigns.  The campaigns then call voters who haven't shown up.  While it's permissible in some states, in Kentucky it's a no-no.  The state also strictly prohibits any type of voter list at the polls.

Emily Cain, Hillary for Kentucky Spokeswoman says, "We can certainly keep track of who goes to polls and who hasn't. It's our job just to encourage them to go vote for Hillary."

Cain is with the Hillary campaign. She says volunteers plan to call would-be voters on election day encouraging them to vote.  Cain says, "You don't hang up, you just do star and then hang up."

If phone calls are just part of the last minute push, so is gathering the masses.  Senator Barack Obama's campaign drew thousands to Shawnee Park for an outdoor concert.  Clark Stevens, Obama spokesman says, "We're focused on helping people who has any problems as a support network as well."

Obama needs 119 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination.  Clinton, who spent the morning in Bowling Green, needs 308.  With Kentucky's 51 delegates up for grabs on Tuesday, state election officials say they want to ensure the votes are garnered properly.

Anyone who is concerned about polling activity should contact their precinct officer or Secretary of State' office.  Of note, Clinton's campaign say she plans to stay in the race after Tuesday's primary, despite trailing in the delegate and superdelegate race.

Odds-on Republican nominee Sen. John McCain was in town on Friday at the NRA convention. Obama is not expected to return to the state.

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